Certificates Of Insurance

Certificates of insurance between subcontractors and general contractors are carefully recorded in your tracking system, with the expiration dates, right?  Unfortunately, many of those certificates will prove worthless in court, unless you have a  trained person making sure they comply with your needs.  Most contractors don’t know what to inspect for, so insurance companies have been happily producing worthless certificates of insurance, creating an illusion your agreed-to risk transfer has been established.
When the claim hits, you may be the one paying the bill, unless you’ve verified the risk transfer is accomplished, to make sure the intended party pays the claim with their insurance. Most  contractors are unaware of the need to look more closely at these certificates.  Doing so is very valuable, because getting it right creates real risk transfer that amounts to  “free insurance”.We see many contractors where more than 75% of subcontractor certificates are NON-COMPLIANT with what is required by their General Liability policy and Workers Compensation Auditors Requirements.Below are just some of the expensive problems caused by non-compliant certificates.For a quick quality control test, have us take a look at some of your certificates from subcontractors, and let’s see how it’s going for you. non-compliant